About Us

Our Values

Quality.  Quality is an essential factor in everything Babel undertakes both in the field and in our offices.  All projects are contingently planned to address any challenges that might arise.  Our staff is well-trained and is qualified to complete projects to the highest industry standards.

Integrity and Honesty.  Our work is completed transparently and with honesty.  Our clients’ trust is of utmost importance; and therefore, we work responsibly and with commitment even in the most challenging locations.

Client Orientation.  Babel targets the clients’ needs and takes actions to meet their goals.  We take pride in our commitment to completing schedules and deliverables on time and have an open and effective line of communication with our clients and stakeholders.

Innovation.  Our company prides itself in creating a work environment which fosters employee creativity to cultivate new ideas and promote forward thinking.  Our multi-national staff is encouraged to collaborate and work as a team in both designing and problem solving.

Teamwork.  Babel knows the importance of teamwork and recognizes the importance of creating a work environment which promotes open communication and respect for the diversity of employees’ input.

Leadership.  We recognize that leaders provide innovation, motivation, and inspire creative solutions. In line with this focus, our company has employee leadership training in place twelve months of the year. 

Sustainability.  We strive to develop sustainable solutions in locations where we work in order to positively influence and impact lives of people long after our projects have been completed.  We, therefore, respect the environment; resources; and livelihoods in locations where we complete projects. 

Financial Success.  Babel is client-oriented and performs innovatively with high quality and sustainable work. Focusing on our values while providing quality services and products to our clients ensures us financial success.