About Us

Company Overview

Babel Group is an internationally recognized contracting and general trading company that provides a wide range of services in the fields of engineering, architecture, construction (with specialization in the Middle East and Asia), supply (food and construction materials), sales, and real estate.

For over a decade, Babel and its family of companies have been trusted partners with several U.S. projects in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan and to local government agencies; national, provincial, and local governments; institutions; and commercial industry throughout the Middle East and Asia.  

Babel’s financial strength and technical skills are combined with a commitment to integrity and to the highest standards of quality, accountability and corporate governance.  This financial strength and credibility have resulted in successful project performance in contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as well as numerous contracts in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Oman, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Jordan.  Our employees share a sense of respect and in depth knowledge of the customs and practices in the locations we work.  Every project is undertaken with close coordination of existing local affiliates and relationships in sourcing labor, equipment, and materials.  Our company demonstrates the ability to manage and integrate professionals, subcontractors, workforces, and client needs.

Babel and its family of companies have a resource base of dedicated employees and affiliate employees in more than ten countries thus enabling rapid response to client requirements and needs. Babel has a successful past performance record of conducting operations in challenging security areas and trying conditions and uses utmost safety procedures. In addition, Babel is committed to excellence especially quality service and leadership.  Our stakeholders can be assured that Babel also has a commitment to sustainability, responsibility, and delivering long-term benefits to our customers, employees, affiliates, business partners, and contractors.