About Us


Babel links resources, innovative ideas, and individuals to work together on challenging projects in all countries around the globe including those with economic and political fragility.  We have the capacity to rapidly mobilize and respond to local contexts in conflict and post-conflict environments. All projects are managed with excellent oversight and support.  
Leading industry experts are responsible for defining and communicating project objectives and information, drafting and submitting project progress reports.  Babel completes its projects within the laws and customs of MENA, Europe, and the U.S. and strives to employ knowledgeable local businessmen and women whenever possible.

The technical capabilities of our UAE-based project management team include our U.S. expatriates and TCNs that have trained in international and U.S. building, quality, and safety standards. Babel has successfully integrated foreign nationals and local nationals in a number of project management positions including engineering, safety, and quality.

The breadth of our technical capabilities are enhanced by providing personnel that have in-depth knowledge and experience in excavation, utility installation, military base construction, concrete and asphalt paving, vertical block construction, column and fill block construction, maintenance, construction, and both vertical and horizontal concrete works in general and in the region.

Babel is a locally based company with strong ties to the local community and with the ability to obtain supplies and additional labor quickly and reliably.

The capability and experience we have gained in the Middle East, provides technical advantages that make Babel a low risk contractor option when considering cost control, quality of work, on-schedule delivery, customer satisfaction, and compliance.