Food Supply & Distribution

Babel has hundreds of global food suppliers and packing connections that enable us to supply quality food products including specialty ingredients. Our company offers packaged final products as well as fresh ingredients to manufacture custom products. The latest technologies are used to process food orders, track progress, and give clients the latest information about an order. Babel has a person on call 24 hours a day to answer any inquiry about products or orders.

Babel manages all aspects of the food supply chain including sourcing ingredients locally and internationally, logistics and transportation, and warehousing. The range of Babel’s global supply food chain (Babel has food suppliers on every continent except Antarctica) enables our company to source fresh, quality food items to clients around the globe including those in conflict areas. Our multiple suppliers enable us to guarantee our clients the best price and quality.   

Babel has unique distribution networks that can be tailored to meet the needs of a client.  Babel uses climate controlled distribution vehicles and modern warehouse facilities to ensure that freshness and quality are maintained throughout the supply cycle.
There are three main components of Babel’s food distribution:

  • Transport infrastructure: roads, vehicles, rail transport, airports, and ports. Delivery vehicles/trucks are allocated to supply lines with a reserve of rented vehicles ready to service immediate supplemental orders or to overcome any vehicle mechanical malfunction.
  • Food handling technology and regulation: refrigeration, and storage, warehousing.
  • Adequate source and supply logistics based on demand and need.

Warehousing and Transportation

Babel can arrange warehousing in almost any country.  Babel owns 11,000 square meters of warehouses In Baghdad; 3,000 square meters each in Karbala, Basra, and Erbil, Iraq.  All of Babel’s warehouses are equipped with three electrical generators allowing required climate controlled storage of food items.  

Babel owns Bilady Foodstuffs Complex in Baghdad, Iraq as well as a food complex in Erbil that supplies sugar, wheat, flour, eggs, vegetable ghee, milk powder, and children’s milk powder. Babel can also supply fresh meat, vegetables, white beans, red split lentil, chick peas, ice cream (Babel owns an ice cream factory), dairy products and baked goods (Babel owns and operates a commercial bakery in Fallujah).  Additionally, Babel owns and operates a bottled water plant in Erbil, Iraq that has a production capacity of 10,000 bottles per hour.

Babel Group has an excellent reputation in the marketplace as a food supplier and distributor and conducts business not only with individual clients but also with international businesses and governments.