Babel attributes its successes to best practices, and many years of training and establishing relationships between our UAE staff and our subcontractor team. These best practices include:

• Efficient and Effective Design Process – The Babel Site Management Team has an experienced staff that forms the basis of Babel’s design review and submission team. This team of has years of experience working with Eastern and Western reporting regulations and submission standards which greatly contributes to fast-track success during the design process. The UAE team is backed by an experienced engineering staff.

• Mature Subcontractor Force – Babel has performed in the Middle East for more than thirty years. Babel has moved from employing subcontractors with little construction and contracting experience to a strong pool of talented subcontractors many of whom now have their own contracting companies.

• A Strong Commitment to Mentor local national and TCN workers – The Babel team is committed to a disciplined mentoring approach for vocational skills, quality control, and project management techniques for our subcontractors and their workers.

The experience Babel possesses spans a broad spectrum of internal and external relationships. Part of Babel's philosophy is to ensure that a portion of the money earned in the accomplishment of these job orders goes to those people in the community whose lives can be positively.